Erik Faulhaber Font-Design








Interrelated font system with OpenType CFF outlines.

Unified basic form in two clean sans-serif styles.

Three widths and seven weights with true italics.

84 combinable fonts.



The distinctive horizontal line  is a quote from

a sans-serif typeface from the year 1962.



By eradicating spurs on the stems of small characters,

the formal language is reduced to a minimum.



Horizontal strokes which are not necessary for readability are

removed from the small characters f, t and the numeral 4.



The weights Regular, Medium and Bold meet the requirements of DIN 1450,

the German standard to ensure that texts are legible for everyone.



Matching arrow symbols in every font

indicate in eight directions.



The shape of the alternate lowercase l gives the letter

additional legibility, making it ideal for public signage.



Ideal for logos is the open form of the capital letter A,

which is Included as alternate in each font.



Equipped with adapted special characters, balanced proportions,

clear numerals, excellent legibility, extensive and display text applicability,

manually kerning, multilingual support, table set systematics,

tabular and proportional numerals, tight line spacing capitals, true Italics

and uniformly heights and weights.

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