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An effective font is consistent with the general laws of visual perception, it is developed at the detail level. An effective font is restricted to the essentials in terms of form, it remains in the background and act as a tool only. An effctive font consists of uniform elements, it is logically constructed and have a balanced grey-scale. An effective font is a versatile font, it is lucid and legible in all contexts. An effective font is timeless, it outlasts changes to requirements, media and techniques.


222 fonts:

From left to right the weights

Hairline, Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy and Black.

Colored indicate upright and whitish italic.




Generis Serif

Generis Sans

Generis Slab

Generis Simple

Quantis Sans

Quantis Soft

Xenois Serif

Xenois Sans

Xenois Slab

Xenois Semi

Xenois Soft

Xenois Super